Slay Your Day with Black Ponytail Extensions

Don't we all want our hair to look fabulous literally all the time? However, that is next to impossible. Bad hair days are inevitable and the worst! Be it due to trying out a new shampoo that did not go well, forgetting to apply conditioner or the humidity. Your hair gets really stubborn these days, and you do not understand what to do. 

Now, this is where hair extensions jump in, mainly luxy ponytail extensions, and make your life a whole lot easier. Extensions are a blessing, and make sure to make you look drop-dead gorgeous! Now, there are loads of different kinds of hair extensions available out there.

However, you need to purchase good-quality ones. Cheap hair extensions will not give you the look you want and will look horrible compared to your stubborn, frizzy hair due to the humidity. Good quality hair extensions will not only last you for a longer time but also look like real hair. Isn't that something you want? 

In this article, we will take a look at different hair extensions offered by JuvaBun, how to use ponytail extensions, and their main features. 

The Different Types Of Black Ponytail Hair Extensions

suitable for your hair color

Here are some of the easy ponytail hair extensions you definitely need to try out to look beautiful as ever:

1- JuvaBun Curly Magic Ponytail 

The JuvaBun Curly Magic Ponytail is a 16-inch ponytail that will give you a beautiful, natural and stunning look! You might be wondering what is so magical about the ponytail; well, it makes your hair thicker, gives it a lot of volume in less than 60 seconds, and feels natural as well. It comes in a storage bag to keep it safe and take it with you wherever you are traveling. 

You must be wondering how to put in ponytail extension. To use it, you must put your hair in a ponytail with a hair tie. Once you are done, add a comb to the base of the pony and wrap the tail around the base. Now secure your ponytail with some bobby pins, and you are good. How simple is that! 

Using easy ponytail extensions comes with a share of benefits. For instance, the extension feels like it is your natural hair and is soft. It is perfect for all hair types. Moreover, it does no damage or harm to your hair as it is weatherproof and not made with harmful chemicals.

It also gives instant length and volume to hair in just a few seconds. If you are someone who has never used hair extensions before, you have got nothing to worry about. The hair extension is beginner friendly and is going to boost your confidence in seconds! You can use it on all sorts of different occasions and end up looking flawless.

poofy hair

You can flaunt it as it is as a high or low ponytail but can also play around with it. Twisting and turning it into a fishtail braid can be one of the million ideas so let your creative juices flow! Curly, high ponytail extensions never go out of style and give you a girly and fantastic look as well. Why spend hours styling your hair when you can simply add a hair extension and are good to go? 

2- JuvaBun Straight Magic Ponytail 

The JuvaBun Straight Magic Ponytail, just like its name implies, is a 16-inch ponytail, which literally works like magic. It is perfect for anyone who wishes for long hair and loves a long straight ponytail. It is stunning and takes just 60 seconds for you to wear it. It is not only going to add volume to your hair but is going to give you a natural look too. How exciting is that?

ponytail hairstyles

Wondering how to apply ponytail extensions? Follow the tips mentioned below: 

Step 1 - First, you need to brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure you have smooth hair without any tangles. 

Step 2- Now, you need to tie your hair tightly. If you have long hair, you should make a bun and secure it with some bobby pins. 

Step 3 - Start inserting the comb into the base of your pony.

Step 4- Add your hair extension and secure it with a bobby pin. Make sure it remains in place. 

Using the straight magic ponytail comes with a bunch of incredible benefits. Firstly, when you wear the extensions, they will feel like your natural hair! The hair extensions have been worked on for three years and have been perfect for people to use. It will fit all hair types be it thick or thin; JuvaBun has now got your back!

The best part is that the extensions will protect your hair from heat. If you want heat, you can apply it on the extensions, which will keep your hair completely safe and secure. Using the extensions is the best way to add length and volume to your hair. Getting late for work? Apply it in just a few seconds, and there you go slaying your hair. 

Prom ponytail hairstyle

You can try out various hairstyles apart from the classic ponytail. You can also use it as a low ponytail extension on a cold, windy evening to impress all those around you.

3 - JuvaBun Magic Ponytail 

Lastly, we have the JuvaBun Magic Ponytail, which comes in a plethora of colors for you to try out and enjoy. The length of the ponytail is 16-inch. However, if you are going for a shorter look, you can always cut it easily. The ponytail has a lot of volumes and is perfect for all you ladies with thin hair. Why worry when you have the option of JuvaBun's magic ponytail extension? 

Applying the extension is a piece of cake. It is going to take you just one minute. The first thing you need to do is to brush your hair and make them tangle-free. If you have a lot of tangles, you can separate your hair into three different sections and then brush them one by one.

Now, you need to make a ponytail and ensure it remains in place. Your rubber band should be tight. Now, add the ponytail extension on top of it and secure it with bobby pins. You can also add some hairspray for a better look. Now you are left with a beautiful ponytail that will go with all of your outfits! 

stop hair from falling out

When it comes to the benefits of using the ponytail, the major one is that you will be keeping your hair safe from the heat. Since the hair extension is pre-styled, you do not need to apply heat to your hair and ruin it. The extension also looks pretty good, which will boost your confidence to another level.

You will feel better about yourself no matter where you go. Achieve a fuller and voluminous look with JuvaBuns magic ponytail that is soft and easy to apply. The best part is that the extension will last you for a very long time if you keep it in its storage bag. 

Looks You Can Create With Ponytail Extensions 

There are loads of stunning looks you can create with ponytail hair extensions. A ponytail is the kind of hairstyle that is perfect for every occasion. For instance, if you are going out with your girls for dinner, a ponytail will look gorgeous!

You should consider wearing your favorite leather pants with a stunning blouse and long heels. Go for a bold lipstick with neutral eyes and wear your ponytail hair extensions. This will result in a jaw-dropping look, be it going to a restaurant or a bar. 

Most Stylish Hairstyles

You can also make a ponytail for a family event such as a dinner, birthday party, a day at the beach, etc. If you go to the beach, it is suggested that you go for a floral dress; however, if it is a family lunch, go for a short, plain dress for an elegant look.

Keep your makeup minimal by adding neutral or baby pink lipstick, and wear court shoes. Wear a cross-body bag and add a curly ponytail extension. Trust me; you will look really pretty and well put together. 

You can also add a ponytail extension when going on a date with your significant other. Go for neutral makeup and a clutch and your luxy ponytail will impress anyone. Go for a straight, sleek ponytail that is going to look really chic. 

Maintaining Your Ponytail Extensions

There are loads of steps you must follow in order to take care of your wigs and make them last longer. Remember, if you take care of them, you will be able to use them for a longer time period, making them definitely worth the purchase and a great value for money.

hairstyles with hair bun extension

There are a couple of things you need to follow. For instance, you should wash your extensions, but not too often. If you keep on washing them after every use, you are going to end up ruining them. It is suggested that you wash them after using them like ten times and use a shampoo and conditioner.

When washing it, do not rub it too hard, or else you will end up ruining the texture. You should soak it in shampoo, and that's it. Air-dry it and get rid of the tangles as well. Remember, you need to be really gentle while doing this so that it doesn't get ruined. 

Another thing you should do is to store your wig in the storage bag it comes in. Now, I know we get really tired and lazy after coming back home and do not feel like keeping things in place and taking our makeup off, either. However, you need to quit doing this, or else you will end up ruining your hair extensions. Do not keep them lying on your dressing table. Ensure to keep them in a bag so that they do not get tangled at all. 

 Reasons to Invest in Ponytail Extensions 

There are numerous reasons for you to invest in ponytail extensions. Some of these include: 

  • Protect your hair from heat 

One of the main advantages of investing in ponytail extensions is that you get to keep your hair safe from the heat. Applying heat damages your hair to another level, and you need to get a lot of treatments to keep your hair in its best shape. Why get into this hassle when you can actually invest in extensions and use all the heat on them instead of your real hair? 

  • Convenient Option 

Another great reason to invest in ponytail extensions is that it is a really convenient option. Styling your hair takes so much time, which we do not have all the time. We are always getting late for work, and spending time to make our hair look better is something we cannot do these days. This is where hair extensions jump in and make your life a lot easier. Moreover, extensions are really great for days when your hair isn't cooperating with you. Simply wear your ponytail extension, and off you go! 

ponytail extension be worn
  • Achieve a Fuller Look

Got thin hair? Well, you have got nothing to worry about. Wear ponytail extensions and end up with a fuller and voluminous hair look. Most women have thin hair, which they hate and feel insecure about. This is again where hair extensions help you and give you the bouncy look you want. Now you will never have to feel unsure again! 

How Much Does It Cost to Get Black Hair Extensions?

Getting black hair extensions does not cost  a lot. However, the price depends on the brand you opt for. Do not go for cheap extensions as they are not going to last you very long. It is suggested that you go for JuvaBun extensions that will cost you around $27-$40. How convenient! 

Can You Get Hair Extensions on Bleached Hair?

Got your hair bleached? Wondering whether you can wear extensions now? Well, the answer is yes! You ladies will look drop dead gorgeous wearing hair extensions. It doesn't matter if you have bleached hair or not, you can easily wear them. 

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Wrapping it up! 

Already in love with JuvaBun's hair extensions? Well, it is time that you invest in them and try out different extension ponytail hairstyles. There is a huge variety of them available that you do not want to miss out on. The products are amazing and used by millions of people out there.

Style with different outfits and end up looking drop-dead gorgeous! Remember, a ponytail never goes out of style, and even the most famous celebrities like Ariana Grande are huge fans of a ponytail look. They not only look chic but make you look put-together, which is something you want.