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Despite recent fashion trends, long and bushy chevelure remains a sign of femininity. Every girl dreams of luxurious long hair, but it is not always possible to grow it. Girls resort to different procedures and chevelure extensions to look stylish. One of the alternative ways is to use hair extension clips that do not damage your chevelure and look luxurious. 

The strands are easy to put on and take off, and you can change your image depending on your mood. Moreover, the strands come in different colours, and you can create unique hairstyles that will suit different occasions. Let's talk about how to put extensions on clips and how to care for them.

What are hair extension clips?

What are hair extension clips?

Clip-in extensions are a fast and effective way to make your hair look chic. They  only take you a few minutes to add volume or length to your chevelure. Moreover, you can select the colour of the false chevelure, several tones lighter than your chevelure, to get the highlighting effect. You do not need to dye, spend money, and spoil your chevelure; just put on the hair clips, and your image is complete. Such chevelure does not need to be glued; it is securely attached to the chevelure with tight hairpins. This will relieve you of worry about your hairstyle’s security throughout the day, even if it is very intense and active.

False hairs differ according to the material or the method of attachment.

  • Hair extension clips use small hair pins as fasteners for curls. The process of securing the strands in the right place is quite simple. You can easily increase the hair’s length or add the missing volume to them with the help of these hairpins. Also, hairpins are fixed on the hair in the root area, so they are completely invisible. Usually, several strands in the set differ in width so you can attach them to the back of the head and on the temporal zone and the sides. Natural hair with hair pins is ideal for everyday use.
  • Halo hair extensions are thin fabric strips with organic or synthetic hair. In this case, a strip of fabric and a fishing line or scrunchie can serve as an attachment element. Fixation of overhead strands on a fabric strip is carried out by sewing, with special hairdressing tools, to the chevelure. If the hair is on a fishing line, it is put on the head and does not require additional fixation. They can be easily removed and put on just like hair extension clips.
  • Clip-on ponytail. This type of chevelure is especially relevant for people with short to medium hair. A thick and luxurious ponytail is a classic universal hairstyle, appropriate at a business meeting and a party. Moreover, a clip-on ponytail hairstyle is suitable for busy women who do not have time for daily styling. The ponytail is attached to the hair using a small elastic comb or a neat hair clip. It is advisable to tighten on top with a special tape or scrunchie to fix the strands after the clip-on ponytail is applied securely. You can pick a false ponytail to match your chevelure or choose several contrasting strands. One variety of false hair products are false braids, which are no less relevant and look stylish and elegant.
Stylish hairstyles with bobby pins

What is the difference between natural and artificial clip-on hair extensions?

The quality of hair extension clips depends on whether they are organic or synthetic. You can curl, wash, and dye organic hair, and it will retain its appearance for a long time. You need to be more careful with artificial hair, and it is impossible to dye them.

Natural clip-on hair extensions

Artificial clip-on hair extensions

  • Clip-on ponytail made from organic hair will harmoniously merge with your chevelure and become invisible to prying eyes if you select the right colour.
  • Natural hair will last much longer.
  • You can style and colour your natural hair.
  • The price of natural hair is usually much higher than artificial hair.
  • Artificial chevelure will differ from its own in texture, touch, and even shade. 
  • Over time, artificial strands lose their flawlessness and wear out.
  • Artificial hair can also be made from high-quality materials with remarkable properties and are very similar to organic hair. 
  • The price of such hair is much lower than that made from natural hair.

It all depends on personal preference and requirements.

How to put extensions on clips

How to put extensions on clips

You will need a comb for parting, the strands, and special clips or hair pins to fasten the overhead strands at home. The strands are attached, starting at the head’s back and then rising higher to the crown.

  • First, you need to carefully comb your hair and straighten it to get an even centre parting.
  • Then, slightly below the centre, make another parting on both sides, and fix the clip- in hair extensions above.
  • You need to take an overhead curl and attach it to your chevelure in the side- parting area and fasten it.
  • When the ply is securely fixed, you can lower it and cover it with strands of your chevelure, which is fixed a little higher.
  • Loosen all hair, comb, and detach the hair layer above the ears. Secure your top chevelure with a barrette. Take a clip-in extension of width and attach it in the same way as the previous one.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side and in the back of the head. In the end, you need to gently mix your chevelure and clip-in with your fingers to hide sharp drops.

Narrower strands are fixed to the temporal part and closed with a layer of their own hair. 

  1. Separate with your index fingers, a layer of hair just above the ear, at the temple level. 
  2. Secure your top hair with a barrette. 
  3. Take a strand and attach in the same way as the previous strands.
  4. The strand of hair should be lightly combed at the roots, sprinkled with varnish, and then you should attach the clip-in with hair to this place for the strands to hold better.

If your chevelure is wavy, then false hair is likely to hold up well and without strands.

You can easily add extensions on clips to your chevelure. Moreover, you can add more bulk if your hairstyle requires it or attach a few strands. Such extensions can be quickly attached and do not waste a lot of time in modelling.

Benefits of hair extensions clips

One essential benefit of clip-in extensions is lengthened chevelure and giving it the required bulk independently. You no longer need to spend money on professional hairdressers’ services, sign up for a procedure in advance or spoil your chevelure with extensions. With hair extension clips, you can adjust your hair’s volume and length and get a stunning hairstyle in just five minutes.

  • Experiment with shades. You can purchase a set of strands of various colours to experiment with your image. You can create a classic perm for a romantic dinner, a high ponytail for a club trip, or sophisticated modelling for a special occasion with clip- in hair extensions. It won't take long, and the result will be great.
  • Various colours. You can take strands a few shades darker or experiment with colour and attach a few bright-coloured curls to blonde hair. Choose lighter strands to create a good contrast and emphasise the base colour’s dark hair.
  • The price. Compared to salon extensions, clips are much cheaper and, therefore, more affordable. With the minimum expenditure of time and effort, you can get the desired hair length, increase the bulk, or create a particular image.
  • Reliable fastening. The mount is quite strong, with a special thin silicone insert, which firmly fixes the hair and prevents the hairpins from sliding over them andsliding down. It is very simple to attach the clip it opens up and is attached closer to the hair’s roots, under the parting. After self-attaching the false curls several times, this process will become automatic, and it will turn out much better and faster.

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