The Most Stunning Brown Ash Hair Type that will Excite you this 2022

Gray haіr is still hot! This is a new, fashionable color that was presented at the shows of the greatest designers. We love them in the total look, ashen ombre, and reflections styles. If you are not convinced to completely color your haіr, this version will be perfect to try and get used to the new trend. It suits all types of beauty and is chosen by women of all ages. Ash brown is the perfect solution for women who want to refresh their haіr color and keep it cool. 

Why make brown hair with reflections? Such styling is undoubtedly original and recommended in particular to brunettes, dark-haired and dark blondes. The haіr has a delicate shade of gray that gives the effect of a silver dusting. The ashy shade of haіr is not as visible as in the case of sombre or total ash coloring. Such lightened dark hair especially suits women who are distinguished by the type of winter beauty. The lighter hіghlіghts around the face wonderfully illuminate the complexion and enliven the face. And a few strands can breathe a bit more energy into the (seemingly) uninteresting color. Brown ash hair will represent you in a subtle but stylish way. We’ll show you a few hottest haіrstyles in ashy shades used by hairdressers. 

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Types of brown ash hair coloring

Can gray highlights look good on brown haіr? As it turns out, yes! Well-made silvery reflections will add noble charm, volume, and originality to your haіr. Besides, the hіghlіghts are not such a radical change as, for example, dyeing, so they do not damage the haіr. We have here inspiration for ash brown haіrstyles!

  • Grombre. Ombre haіr coloring is still one of the most popular haіrstyles. Dark hair at the roots, turning into a cool, ash blonde, is a great solution for women who focus on originality and unusual combinations. It is called grombre (gray + ombre). If you want an intense color difference, darken the haіr at the roots of dark chocolate. Lighten the bottom to an ash blonde. To get a cool shade without yellowing, reach for purple rinses.
  • Ashen sombre - ash blonde highlights in the brown hair going downwards, is also a hot styling. It looks great on dark, cool browns as well as light blondes. In the latter, it will add optical volume to the haіr and mask any breakthroughs in darker strands. Sombre with an ashy shade gives a cool haіr color and allows you to mask the first gray hair.
  • Gray tips. If you do not want to use classic sombre but want to get the effect of cool tips, brighten them and color them with an ashen shade of paint. This type of haіr coloring allows for less frequent visits to the salon because the retreats coincide with the natural color of the hair and are not visible. It looks most interesting on cool browns. It is slightly less suitable for warm browns.
  • Ash brown. This is a cool shade of brown in slightly gray tones. We don't have to worry about warm reflections here, even when we go out into the sunlight. Brown hair with ash blonde highlights is perfect for summer and winter beauty types, but it's not easy to get.

How to get and care ash brown hairstyle?

How to get and care ash brown hairstyle?

Such hair colors will work the best for women with a fair, porcelain complexion and blue or black eyes. In daylight, the color looks very natural and multidimensional. In addition, the advantage of poppy browns is an intense, cool shine, thanks to which the haіr looks healthy, strong, and thick. If we manage to choose a color close to natural, the problem with regrowth will be minimal.

Ash brown is a color that is not easy to obtain during home coloring. We may get a green tone on the haіr, especially with the strong darkening of it. If you want to dye your hair at home, remember to choose the right color and light your hair in up to 2 tones during one colorization. Hair dye that does not have warm shades should be used. Coming to cool brown is difficult as the hair pigment has a natural tendency to develop warm colors.

Ash hair is a shade that does not require any special care. Every 1-2 months, it is worth applying an ashen toner to your haіr, which will keep the cool shade of brown. Products for colored haіr will also work great here. Thanks to them the hair dye will last longer, and the pigment will not wash out so quickly. In addition, we especially recommend lamination and haіr oiling, which will give shine to the strands, as browns tend to become dull. 

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Grays will never cease to amaze us, also on hair. If you want to refresh your look and you don't like warm shades on your haіr, choose brown with a hint of gray. Brown hair with natural highlights has become a hot trend in hairdressing salons recently. The number of ways it can be applied to different types of cuts is amazing, and the effect? Even better. The shade of brown that is devoid of warm scales is called ashen. There is no redness in it, but tone and calmness. With a cool shade in the strands, the haіr immediately seems stronger and more well-groomed. This seemingly cool color fits perfectly even in the hot summer climate.

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