How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight? Top 10 Tips

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Straight hair has always been a fun way to change your look and make it more attractive. Straight hair has never gone out of trend and always stays the standard of beauty. Straight hair has a lot of advantages, the major of which is that it is easy to maintain as compared to other hair types which require much of your hair styling effort. 

You always have the option of straightening your hair with an iron or other heat tools but doing that requires a lot of your time and effort. If you have limited time in the morning then ironing your hair isn’t an option for you. Moreover, straightening hair daily through hot styling tools can lead to permanent hair damage or breakage.

So, if you are looking for natural ways through which you can get the answer to how to keep your hair straight overnight with minimal effort then you are in the right place!


1. Use A Silk Scarf While Sleeping

After you are done taking a shower, brush your hair thoroughly. Start brushing your hair from the ends and then move upwards. Use a gentle shampoo and a conditioner while washing your hair. Harsh shampoos can make your hair dry and give them a rough look. Therefore, be careful with the shampoo and conditioner use. 

After you are done washing your hair, use a microfiber towel to absorb all extra moisture from the hair. A T-shirt can also be effective in absorbing moisture from your hair and making it less frizzy. Take a small amount of tree oil or argan oil in your palms and apply them gently to your hair. Make sure, you don’t use water-based moisturizers because they can make your hair curly again. Brush your hair again by making a section, then wrap these sections around your head. 

Brush these sections again so that your hair stays smooth and soft. Use pins to hold these sections in place and wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Remove the silk scarf in the morning and enjoy smooth and straight hair. 

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2. Make A Hair Bun Before You Go to Sleep

Making a hair bun after brushing hair can reduce curls in your hair. Making a low bun will keep your hair smoother and the waves in your hair will definitely be lesser.

3. Use Elastic Bands

Start with wet hair. Wash your hair with your selected shampoo and conditioner. Use a wide comb to brush your hair and remove all the tangles present in your hair. This will not only help in straightening hair but will also increase blood circulation in your body. At this point you should be using the right hair accessories for the job.

Make two sections of your hair by middle parting them. Using two ponytails tie your hair but make sure that you are not tying them tightly. 

On each hair section, add additional hair elastics, leaving a space of 1 cm in between. These hair elastics shouldn’t be too tight because they can leave their marks on your hair. In the morning, remove these hair elastics and brush your hair, it will not only make your hair straight but also ensure smoothness in your hair. 

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4. Use Rollers

Don’t freak out, I know rollers mean hair curls, but this doesn’t apply here because it depends on the size of the roller that you are using. After you are done taking bath and looking for a way to keep your hair straight, just find a big size roller and wrap your wet hair in the roller and while sleeping, place the roller tightly against your head. Remove the roller in the morning, and see the change.

5. Make A Straightening Mask

A straightening mask is a natural way to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and straight. Make a mixture of honey and milk. Take a cup of coconut milk and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for an hour until it gets dry.  If you want to add an egg to your mixture, then go for it. For egg, take two cups of milk and mix them well. 

Apply this mixture on your hair with your fingers or using a coloring brush. Let this mixture sit on your hair for about ten minutes. Wrap your hair in some plastic and let this mixture stay on your hair for 30 minutes more. Wash your hair and brush it. If this mixture is used twice a week for at least two months, it will make your hair naturally smooth and straighten them naturally. 

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6. Avoid Humidity

Try avoiding humidity because they make your hair frizzy and make them look unpleasant. If you want straight hair, try to avoid heat and humidity. While sleeping, turn on your fan or air conditioner, this will keep your body and hair cool. This will also reduce sweating in your hair which can cause frizz in your hair. 

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7. Use Silk Pillowcase

Getting a satin pillowcase or a silk pillowcase will help you in maintaining your hair and keep them smooth and straight. 

8. Use Cold Air from The Hairdryer

While the heat from the hair dryer can lead to hair damage and breakage, the cold air from the hairdryer can have a positive effect on your hair. When you are done drying your hair completely, apply some natural products like coconut oil to your hair to remove the frizz and relax hair cuticles. 

9. Straightening Shampoo and Conditioner

There are specifically designed shampoos and conditioners for straight hair. Purchase them from your local shopping store or from some online shopping store. After shampooing your hair, remove the moisture from your hair.

After drying your hair completely, you can apply some cream to keep your hair texture smooth. In the morning, brush your hair thoroughly and you will notice the change in your hair instantly. 

10. Use Ultra-Absorbent Towel

While it takes much more time to naturally air dry your hair, it is always a good idea to use a microfiber towel that can absorb all moisture from your hair and make it look smooth and straight. 

So, you don’t always have to rely on traditional methods of straightening hair by ironing your hair. Because the heat from hair styling tools can be very damaging for your hair, try going for natural ways to keep your hair straight overnight. First, be gentle with your hair by using a soft shampoo and a conditioner. 

Then dry your hair using a microfiber towel that will absorb all moisture from your hair and give them a smooth look. Wrap your wet hair in a silk scarf while sleeping or use silk or satin pillowcases. Use a hair straightening mask by making a mixture of coconut milk, egg, and honey. 

Use this mixture twice a week for two months to get long-lasting and best results. If you want to dry your hair through a blow dryer then use cold air from it. Try to protect your air from humidity and heat. Before going to sleep, make a loose hair bun to reduce waves in your hair. On the whole, apply some cream or oil to smoothen your hair and give them a relaxing look. 


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Fun Facts About Straight Hair

Do you know why women prefer straight hair? The simple answer to this question is that straight hair is very easy to manage and doesn’t require a lot of effort in maintaining or brushing them. Although well-maintained curls look very beautiful, girls with straight hair get more compliments from everyone around. 

Who doesn’t love that right?! Straight hair always stays in trend and never goes out of fashion both in the Western or Eastern fashion world. No matter what year it is, straight hair will never go out of style, so always try and take care of your lusciously straight hair.

Moreover, did you know that straight hair lets you enjoy different hairstyles? While hairstyles for curly or wavy hair are limited, a variety of hairstyles can be styled on straight hair. Straight hair is generally welcomed by everyone. 

Wherever you go in the World, you will see straight hair known and well recognized by everyone. It makes a person look more tidy, neat, and put together. Lastly, straight hair is always considered a beauty factor. People all around the world appreciate the silkiness of hair. 

Are You Ready to Take Care of Your Straight Hair Overnight? 

While taking care of straight hair can be time-consuming, it is definitely worth the while! Having luscious straight hair can take you a long way, and it just makes hair maintenance much easier. You can make hairstyles easily and so much more! Remember, the best way to take care of straight hair is to ensure that you are using the right materials. 

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