How To Ensure Thick And Silky Hair With Castor Oil?

castor oil droplets on hair

The beauty of a woman is made up of many different factors. Long, thick, silky, shiny chevelure gives femininity to the image, creating its owner sophisticated and refined. Castor oil is often used for hair rise and therapy.

When exposed to chemicals (coloring, curling), the chevelure deteriorates, dulls over time, and loses its vitality. However, the worst thing is if they start to fall out. Several manipulations will assist you to win this trouble, and you will learn about them from this article.

Why Is Castor So Popular?

When used correctly, it awakens the dormant bulbs, significantly thickening your chevelure. Castor is a collection of fatty acids. Its composition is dominated by ricinoleic acid. It is their successful combination that perfectly nourishes the follicles and activates chevelure rise.

There are many uses for this oil. It is spent in medicine, cosmetology, and pharmaceuticals. Castor assists with injury treatment; it is added to food and is used in various fields.

It is so popular due to its many beneficial properties and uses. Castor acts as a moistener and repair agent for the chevelure and assists with split ends. Due to its low allergenic and high efficiency, the oil is successfully used by women with different hair types. The concentration of acids accelerates keratin production, perfectly holds the follicles together, and nourishes dry chevelure.

castor oil being used to rejuvenate hair

How To Use Castor Oil for Hair Correctly?

Having studied the results of the successful use of oil to activate chevelure rise, it was possible to formulate several significant recommendations, the observance of what will increase the effectiveness:

  • You should buy refined oil. It is quite simple to determine the degree of purification; the purified has a light shade, the darker, the worse the degree of its purification.
  • It is important to add oil exclusively heated in a water bath to the masks, rub it into the leather and the ends. The castor oil can be taken to the ends and wrapped in plastic. It is possible to activate chevelure growth with cold, but it can dry the chevelure along its entire length.
  • This natural oil for hair is very effective when used as a cover. Then the head is coated with a film and a towel for insulation. Wrap the chevelure in this way, this will be absorbed into the roots the best way; its effect will be maximum. So you need to stand for two hours, then gargle your chevelure thoroughly with regular shampoo.
  • Castor is thick, so you have to wash it more than once to purify the curls and thoroughly take away the specific smell. The main thing is to wash off until the oily film disappears.
  • To achieve the highest effect, in the end, it is worth rinsing the curls with a weak solution of vinegar or lemon juice. After the procedure, it is rather not to use a hairdryer to dry but to let the chevelure dry naturally.
castor oil being used for a hair mask

4 Types of Castor Oil Masks for Hair Remedies

Regular use of masks based on castor will allow you to achieve results in a couple of months. Chevelure will become thicker and more obedient, new hair will appear in the form of a fluff, which will help find a scrunchie. If you suffer from chevelure loss, reviews on the use of castor should interest you.

1. Lemon mask

Warm natural oil is used on the leather using the so-called rubbing motion and then lubricated along the hair’s entire length. When the mask is used, the head is heated with a hairdryer. After such heating, the chevelure is washed with water and lemon juice then washed with shampoo.

2. Kefir mask

proven remedy for increasing chevelure density, which also perfectly normalizes the sebaceous glands’ work. You should warm up half a glass of kefir and then add a tablespoon of castor. It is advisable to rub the mixture into the leather and along the entire length of the chevelure. After putting on the warming cap, the mask is kept for 30-60 minutes and washed off.

3. Alcohol-oil mask

You need to mix alcohol and castor oil in equal parts to prepare such a hair mask. The blend is rubbed into the skin as usual. The plastic cap is put on again, wrapped in a towel. Such a mask shows the greatest effectiveness with prolonged exposure;

it can be left overnight. In the morning, the curls are washed with acidified aqua and shampoo. After a month of weekly procedures, you will notice the restoration of the hairline; it remains only to consolidate this result regularly.

4. Honey-oil mask

Such a mixture of natural ingredients correctly increases chevelure growth and effectively eliminates the problem of chevelure loss. For cooking, mix two tablespoons of honey with two drops of castor and use it to damp chevelure. The mask is insulated with a cap and kept for 25 minutes, after which it is washed off with water.

After using these masks, most women notice faster hair growth and bonding of split ends. They become moisturized and become extraordinarily silky. The most amazing thing is that oil is not expensive and is sold in every pharmacy.

You will receive constant assistance in the struggle for beauty by purchasing this oil, which in a relatively short time, will help you acquire luxurious shiny chevelure, with obedient heavy strands that fall into a beautiful cascade on your shoulders.

Castor Oil For Hair Extensions

You can use castor masks to recover your chevelure extensions. It will be especially beneficial to get hydration and nutrition for artificial chevelure. Moreover, castor oil will make them softer and more manageable. You should apply heated oil to the ends of your chevelure extensions to prevent split ends. After such masks, do not forget to thoroughly rinse your extensions under running water with the addition of lemon juice.

There are so many remedies that you can make from castor oil. JuvaBun has many tips for you to in the field of beauty and hair care. Explore more articles on our JuvaBun website today!

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