Barrette Hairstyles: All the Variants For You

woman with a clip on her hair

The most popular types of hair clips for hairstyles with hair clips:

  • Crab hairpin
  • Machine
  • Invisible
  • Banana
  • Hairpins
  • Crest

It takes a lot of effort to create a beautiful and stunning image. A beautiful outfit, the right shoes, the right accessories, makeup, and most importantly, a sophisticated hairstyle. Regardless of the purpose of the hairstyle, you always want to achieve an incredible effect, accessory plays an important role when styling. One of the most common and versatile adornments is clips for hairstyling.

Now, in the world of haute couture, we can safely say that barrette hairstyles once again appear in the list of the main beauty trends of the year. In spring and summer, their relevance especially increases, so girls look for fashionable hairstyles with hairpins for any occasion and mood.

If last year plastic "crabs", which were popular in the 90s, became a hit, now other trends of the decade before last have returned to us - an automatic hairpin, massive and laconic invisible hairpins, hairpins with stones, rhinestones, pearls, or just colored accessories. Huge hairpins for bunches, hairpins with velvet bows, and various accessories with inscriptions.

What Hairstyles Can Be Done with Different Types of Clips?

Current trends in hairstyle design appear and disappear quite rapidly, but many accessories remain popular for many years.

Scythe snake

A snake is an auxiliary tool for those looking to braid a neat braid. With the help of a plastic snake, you can create a weave of two, three, or more strands. How to wear hair clips? It is enough to place it in the place where the future braid should be, and then pass it step by step through the bends of the strands.

The result should be an openwork braid, and the hairpin should be completely hidden under the hair.


You can create many barrette hairstyles using a donut, but one of them is a great volumetric bun that will look much more voluminous and neat than without using it. The bagel is sewn and mesh material or foam rubber to match the hair color.

Hairpins That Girls Like the Most


The hairpin resembles a bident made of thin metal needles with a blunt end. Many beautiful hairstyles with barrettes are created with the hairpin. It is designed to hold strands together and is not visible in hairstyles, but now it is decorated with beads or rhinestones that look cute.

Hair invisible clips

This hair clip can be used to create many beautiful hairstyles with hair clips.

The mechanism of working of this clip is very simple: it consists of two narrow and thin plates of metal, firmly connected to each other. You can unclench them only with the effort of your fingers, so they hold the curls well.


A type of clip is a beak barrette. Its main difference lies in the pointed tip, resembling a bird's beak.

How to use barrettes? It is convenient to fix interfering strands near the face, as well as bangs or individual weaves.

Original Hairstyle Ideas with Clips for Hairstyling

pearl hair clips

The choice of accessories is huge, so you need to focus on your taste and style of clothing. The hair clip should be in harmony not only with your clothes but also with your other accessories.

Therefore, the types of hair clips are quite diverse, and there is a model for each style.

1. For lovers of sportswear, hairpins with an abundance of rhinestones and flowers are not suitable, but hairpins of a strict geometric shape will look perfect and almost imperceptible. They no longer perform an aesthetic, but a practical function, that is, they do not decorate, but keep the hair in the right position.

    They are perfect for sports activities or for a trip to nature.

    2. Those who love social life and various events should choose hairpins with a beautiful and luxurious design for hairstyles with snap clips. It can be such details as rhinestones, pearls, Chanel logos, and other famous designers, as well as fur, various beautiful weaves.

    3. For a trip to the sea and walks along the beach, your hair will be ideally decorated with flower hair accessories, especially if you wind your hair a little beforehand. Hairpins with flowers are relevant for romantic girls who prefer to wear dresses and sundresses in summer.

    How to wear hair clips? Wrap your hair a little, and then you can gather hair in a tail, a Malvina, or even a bun.

    4. You can open the neck and back of the head when doing hairstyles with the help of the "Crab" hair clip.

      Hand-made continues to conquer the world of accessories, so you can not only choose an unusual hair clip that matches your style but also order a hair clip design for any outfit.

      5. How to wear big hair clips? Owners of a flat nape need to gather their hair in a bun using a volume barrette. Just hook it on the tailor on the bunch. With a narrow face, you do not need to focus on this with elongated hairpins.

        Helpful Hint: A round face can be visually extended by decorating it with bright hairpins on the sides.

        Do not forget that hair is the main decoration of a girl, but even the most luxurious hair can be spoiled by a hairpin of poor quality. A good and expensive hair clip will serve you for a long time, you do not have to fear that at a crucial moment it will break, not holding the weight of your hair. So, the most important thing you need for a beautiful hairstyle with hairpins is to choose a high-quality and stylish hairpin.

        Hairstyles with Snap Clips for Short Hair

        The short length, of course, doesn’t suit a wide variety of options for using hairpins, but even the smallest touches can drastically change your appearance. Light waves are wonderfully pinned to the side by neat clips.

        Invisible pins, stabbed in an interesting curly way, will make any short styling more original.

        Fashion Hairstyles with Clips for Medium Length Hair

        expensive hair jewelry

        Such hair is often in the center of controversy and doubt, because the midi length allows you to create absolutely different hairstyles, and which one is the most beautiful, no stylist will answer you. Also, this length is decorated with almost all models of hairpins.

        • "Crab" perfectly collects curls in a tailor that holds curled strands.
        • The scallops are complemented by a variety of tufts, a high tail, and curls of Malvina.
        • With the help of bobby pins, incredible hairstyles with different decorations are created.
        • Clips confidently play the role of additional decorative ornaments.

        What Hairstyles with Barrettes Will Decorate Long Hair?

        Luxurious long hair looks wonderful in strict styling with a small accessory, it is very beautifully complemented by flowers, a small scattering of pearls, exquisite shiny accents, and many other options.

        • The automatic hairpin holds the tail perfectly.
        • Нow to wear big hair clips? "Crab" will decorate a slightly combed top or small weaves.
        • Decorated hairpins will become a highlight in voluminous fluffy buns and openwork braids in the Greek style.
        • An exquisite comb can decorate a "basket" of plaits and curled strands.

        Tips and Tricks: How to Use Barrettes

        As a finishing touch, we'd like to share a few tips and tricks on how to use hair clips to your advantage.

        • Pay attention to the placement. Make sure the bobby pin highlights your best features and hides your flaws.
        • Use a pair of bobby pins when you can't handle the amount of hair.
        • Don't use hairpins as your main accent. Use them as decorative items to add style.
        • Make sure the clips you are using are not damaging your hair.
        • Experiment with your own style when using bobby pins.
        • Don't be afraid to duplicate the look you found on the internet.

        Now you know what types of hairpins for hairstyles are, and you can safely choose the hairpin you like and make a hairstyle with it!


        How to make a hair clip?

        The easiest way to fix the curls is to make a bun, twist them in one direction and clamp them with a hair clip. Alternatively, instead of twisting, you can use weaving - braid the strands into a plait, lift it up and pull it off with a crab.

        How to make a bun with a hair clip?

        Very easy to do:

        • It is necessary to unbend the hairpin and attach it to the ends of the hair.
        • Then wind the hair up and secure the ends of the twister.
        • Correct loose strands.

        How to fix a hairpin?

        Just separate a small strand, divide it into three equal parts, and make abraid, adding only the bottom strand each time. Weave as much space as the selected hairpin takes. Secure the pigtail with a thin elastic band. Then tuck your hair back to hide the braiding.

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