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The Ageism We See in Our Culture


  • WIllow Se

    I love this article!! Thank you for celebrating ageing as a beautiful thing. Some of the most stunning women that I see these days are in there 80’s and just glow. No more hiding or covering up age as something to be ignored or invisibilise or devalue it’s the opposite isn’t it. Thank you 🙏 so amazed to see your words.

  • Kara

    Wow, I’ve totally been doing this mirror ageism lately. I’ve searched all the creams and supplements to combat it…. Last night I committed to myself a new way of thinking. Today I start a journey that won’t allow negative thoughts to bog down my mind. So we think, therefore we are. This was PERFECT to read!! Just what I needed to hear this morning! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your beautiful words!!! ❤️

  • Alex

    wow! Thank you so much

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