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What is JuvaBun and Why Do You Need it in Your Life?

JuvaBun is the answer to every woman’s hair accessorizing needs. From hair extensions to accessories, we have it all! Say goodbye to bad hair days, because our premium quality hair products will never let you down. They transform all types of hair, long, straight, short, curly, frizzy, and more. The name JuvaBun stems from a combination of the words “Hair Bun” and “Juva”. So it literally means, rock your bun! Two friends turned business partners, noticed a gap in the market, joined hands, and decided to seize this opportunity. Lee and Amit launched JuvaBun three years ago, in 2019. Since then they have been working day and night to design and create innovative solutions in the personal care - hair industry.  

Are You Ready To Step Up Your Hair Styling Game? 

Are you a hair and beauty enthusiast? Do you sit in front of the mirror for hours experimenting with various unique and impressive hairstyles? Are you the sort of individual who likes to explore new trends and items with their social media community to help you and them step out of their comfort zone to promote unique styles? Then what are you waiting for!! We would love for you to hop on board the JuvaBun train to build a community that is all about individuality and unique styles. We can join hands to build a network that not only embraces new hairstyles by sharing quality content but also pushes one another to put their creative styles into motion! 


Why Should You Join Team JuvaBun? 

Get your very own FREE JuvaBun! 

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Explore advanced methods to connect with and monetize followers 

Create a sense of community and belonging by inviting colleagues and others to join JuvaBun IC! 

Are You Ready To Hop On board The JuvaBun Train? 

Join Our Team!

What are you waiting for?! Become a member of our team today! 

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Our social media team will inspire you with innovative ideas for stories and posts 

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Do You Align With The Values of Our Bun Team? 

We aspire to build a network of passionate influencers and creators who can connect with the core values of JuvaBun. One must be earnest about promoting creativity and individual style when it comes to hairstyling techniques and materials to enable others to mirror the same feelings. As part of our team, you must push your community to experiment with various hairstyles and looks to make them empowered to portray their own personal style. 

Become an official JuvaBun member if…

You are an influencer who is looking to make dollar bills through your own platform by integrating it with ours. 

You are an individual who likes to step outside of their comfort zone to create engaging and interactive content for their viewers 

A candidate who is all about teamwork - we want a person who can stick around for the long haul! 



Explore JuvaBun Inner Circle Networking 

Communication is key at JuvaBun which is why we use the inner circle. This is a highly innovative and well-integrated networking platform that streamlines communication. The interface is extremely user-friendly. You can check it out to stay connected with the team, check details regarding fun challenges and tasks, select the ones you would like to participate in, and attain handsome rewards!

What Will You Be Required To Do?


Stay connected on the inner circle platform for constant updates on latest tasks and challenges


Sift through and choose tasks that appeal to you, the create high-quality engaging content for your community. Then upload your masterpiece to your IC personal zone


Enjoy FREE gifts and attain earnings in your account for your efforts


Are you a team player? Our theory is that if you grow, then we’ll grow too That’s why we’re more interested in your motivation to grow with us as a community than in the number of followers that you have. We hope to not only expand and make a profit together but to have fun creating kick-ass content while giving back to our communities!


Glad to see that you’ve made it this far. Apply now and let’s start the journey together!

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