JuvaBun Affiliate Resources


Here You Can Find All Of Our Best Promotion Resources You Can Use for Email or Facebook, Or Any Social Media Posts To Help You Boost Your Affiliate Sales And Enjoy Your Commissions!

*Feel free to use these images & videos on your socials, blog posts, website, etc... These are all content that are made to help you increase you affiliate sales. (Just don't forget to add your affiliate link 😜)!

We'll continually update this page from time to time. 

These swipes are meant to give you a template and idea on what to say and how to say to effectively promote our JuvaBun products.

Here are a few notes on how to use the swipes:

  • They can be used interchangeably for email and/or Facebook posts. (Only difference is that email has a subject line suggestion)
  • The best usage of these swipes is to copy-paste and customize it a little bit to match your own voice, style and personality. 
  • Parts recommended for customization are placed in [brackets].

We also have a variety of "angles" that you can talk about, so you can choose which one you think will best resonate with your audience.










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