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“I Wear This Product Anywhere.” Heather’s JuvaBun Demo

If I can do it, honestly, anybody can do it...

We asked from our JuvaBun Ambassador - Heather to create her own hair look to perfection…

JuvaBun made it super easy. 

As Heather likes to say, “I wear my JuvaBun, all over the place.”

That she can get up in the morning on running errands, work—and even when she's going out to dinner with her husband.

All she had to do is just throw her hair up, put it on her top knot.. twisted over... and perfection!

Read on or watch her video to check out WHAT’S MORE to this JuvaBun that made her a happy hair day----every single day.



Tons of compliments


Heather uses our best-selling Messy JuvaBun, to add fullness to her very thin hair.  

She says, “I have very thin hair... this is it.

Just blow dried, literally, this is what my hair does not all that sexy. 

However, this product is so easy to use. 

Literally, I mean, if I can do it, honestly, anybody can do it. 

Super, super easy. 

Look at how thick this is..

This is. WOW!

I mean just really good quality. 

Everybody says, Oh my gosh, is that your real hair I mean, it's so full. 

I just love it!”



“It travels with me everywhere I go”


Heather also loves to wear JuvaBun wherever she goes.

That’s why… 

If she’s in a hurry, all she needs to do is just to throw it on. Real quick.

JuvaBun goes in and she’s ready to walk out the door.

She says,  “My husband is literally shocked because I get ready in record time.” 

Lastly she concluded…

“It is just so comfortable.. I don't get headaches wearing it and I don't know what to say it's just a great product.”




Do you relate with Heather today? Tell us in the comments below.





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