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Hey! Thank you for your interest in joining our JuvaBun squad and becoming a JuvaBun affiliate!

Please fill in as much information as you can, which will help us process your application quickly. 



Once approved, you'll receive a welcome email with your login information. 

You will be able to access your unique referral link which you can share with your followers, friends or whomever you like! 

Read on to learn how you can promote effectively and earn 15% commission on each order placed through your unique referral link with the support of our affiliate resources.


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Important Info About The Affiliate Program





We're doing something different for rewards. Instead making it a contest that only awards top affiliates, we're setting it up so that ANYONE can win prizes!

Now these bonuses below will be paid out in its cash equivalent. We put the physical prizes to help you visualize what you can buy with the extra cash, on top of your 15% commission!



Rewards shown above ONLY for the sale of JuvaBun™️ price at $24.99 and are not cumulative. Example: If you made 18 sales of JuvaBun™️ price at $24.99, you'd receive an additional $15. If you made 130 sales of JuvaBun™️ price at $24.99, you'd receive an additional $234. This is on TOP of the 15% commission.



Affiliate Support & Contact  Information


We're ready to support you fully in this promotion. Simply send an email to affiliate@juvabun.com for all your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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